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Genius Development Lunches

What is it? One person from Gap gets to go to Lunetta's for free lunch to meet with Larry for an hour and a half.

When is it? Every Wednesday at noon Larry will go to lunch with someone.

Why is it? Last week I went to lunch with Steff and we got a chance to talk about her role in the company and where we each saw the customer service department headed. I found it very useful, and she stated she did as well. She got a chance to ask me questions that we typically wouldn't have time for, talk about any concerns she had, find out my thoughts about where the CS department was headed.
     This week I met with Paul about his goals as a salesperson and helped brainstorm a plan to increase his sales. We discussed what types of training would make him more effective. He stated he thought it was useful, and I thought that if he follows our agreed upon plan, he'll make more sales.
     Leaving that meeting, Larry saw a pattern and realized.... that he loves free lunch. :-)

Who is it? Anyone who has been in the company for over three months can request to be put on the calendar. Why three months tenure? Well, I figure that someone less than 3 months in the company still has a lot to learn from their co-workers. I'd like this to focus more on personal development, not answering routine questions that our FAQ can probably handle. Is this the correct thing to do? the heck should I know?

How is it? Bring a list of questions, your ideas, your plans, your works/doesn't work to the meeting. You don't need to send me an agenda, I'll just wing it. The best meetings are the ones that focus on YOUR development or MY development as a leader. That's where I'm going to naturally steer the conversation.

How do I get on the list? Email support and they'll put you on the calendar. I'm meeting with Steff every other week for lunch, but the other two weeks a month are open.